To request accommodations, students with disabilities must go through a formal process with the university rather than requesting accommodations for a disability directly through the faculty member. 

Please contact AAP Disability Services four weeks prior to the beginning of the semester with your request for accommodations accompanied by documentation from a qualified diagnostician. You will need to continue to formally request accommodations each semester or term you enroll.

The Director for Disability Services in the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Programs will review your request and will recommend accommodations if warranted. The AAP Student Services will then contact the faculty member with official documentation about the accommodations needed and coordinate arrangements for any necessary accommodations. You will also be informed of the agreed-upon accommodations. We recommend you discuss the accommodations at the beginning of the course with your faculty member. Typical services might include extra time for tests, a note-taker in the class, or interpreters in the classroom.

Disability Accommodations

Learn how to request disability accommodations and view medical documentation requirements.

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